What is machine learning ?

Machine Learning (ML) 🚗💻📔

Can you teach your car to drive automatically ?

Can you teach your mobile phone to reply messages automatically ? Or

Can you teach your home surveillance system to catch robbers ?

Of course you can do it. That is the machine learning. We guide machines to learn themselves and perform tasks automatically. All of us heard about AI which means Artificial Intelligence. And now a days one onf the most outstanding topic in tec world is AI. So what is the connection between AI and ML ????? Simply we can say , all machine learning is AI but all AI is not machine learning. ML is a subset of AI. Think AI is a tree , it has many branches . Ml is a branch of AI tree. It consistent set of techniques that enable to figure out things from given data and deliver to the AI applications .

In ML there are main learning types. We can divide them into 3 broad categories. One is SUPERVISED LEARNING . In school teachers teach you about things , in supervised learning we give the knowledge of output .

The second type is UNSUPERVISED LEARNING . In university we only have basic guidelines , we have to find everything . Same in unsupervised learning it finds patterns in data sets and make outputs. Think about supermarket network in country. By using this learning type we can find pattern related to the regions. In coastal area supermarket people mostly buy cool drinks. But in hill country doesn’t. So those patterns can use to maintain warehouses .

Third type is REINFORCEMENT LEARNING . When you are playing chess game the environment of the game is changing and sometimes you done mistakes. In reinforcement learning the machine has to learning itself from mistakes , and perform a certain goal.

By understanding the correct problem you can use the most suitable algorithm to solve it using machine learning .

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