What is inside HP PROBOOK ???? HP PROBOOK මොන වගේද 🤔🤔

What is inside HP PROBOOK 4530s ?

HP probook series is one of the most popular laptop series in world. Those are business class series notebooks made by the HP company and first introduce this series in 2009. With a affordable price those became popular in world. Today we are going to apart one of the most pretty noteboke HP PROBOOK 4530s .

Specifications -🤔
intel core i5(2nd gen)
4GB ram
Dedicated VGA(radeon graphics)
15.6 inch display
USB 3.0 , HDMI , VGA

Ok ….. now we are going to begin….. Let’s start !!!!! 😀😀😀

The first thing we have to do is push the clip bottom and remove the battery. Then we can use same clips to remove the bottom cover . And now !!!!!!! All components are exposing ……..
Wow it’s amazing because we can replace any part within 10-15 mins….

Bottom side of the notebook

Now we remove our hard drive , RAM , and DVD drive
Now we have to remove the keyboard. Search bottom side for a while . We can see 2 nails with simple keyboard sign on cover. When remove them , we can easily take keyboard out.
But be careful !!!!!!!! You may harm to keyboard .

Without keyboard

Now we can remove all other nails ……. and then the top of the notebook. Then we must remove all other ribbons which are connected to the MB.

Remove the top pannel

Wow 😲😲😲 we can see the amazing motherboard . Ok…….. let’s continue

Now we remove the nails in display rack, and get the display out.


And now get the motherboard out.
It’s small in size and blue in color. Made in japan. High quality product. 😎


Ok now we can think about processor 😋😋😋
Core i5………

If you going to remove processor from it’s slot , plz be careful . It’s very expensive.

And here we have the beauty core i covered with thermal paste . And we can also see thermal paste .

Processor in slot
Processor on hand

Ok now we going to apart the lid of notebook . Inside it we can find 2 antennas for bluetooth and wifi , and the webcam.

HD webcam in probook 4530s

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